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This 1887 instrument has a claw footed base 6 X6 inches with two 3 inch high tubular pillars cast in one piece of black Japanned iron. The curved tubular limb and arm, also cast in one piece of japanned iron has a one inch flat extension at the lower end , a three inch swinging grooved tail piece with a sliding arm and a pin gimbal for a double sided mirror. It has a three and half inch diameter stage with a one inch aperture. under the stage is a tube for a circular diaphragm. at the top of the limb is a micrometer screw for fine focusing. The body tube is 6- 1/2 inch by 1- 1/4 inch of brass gold lacquered. when closed it 11-1/2 inches high. comes with two objectives and one eyepiece. ref Billings second edition. No box.

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