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No words! Only deeds describe the enormous role basic scientific research plays in our everyday lives.  These deeds happen in spite of us.

"In spite of us" Is the  phrase above that symbolize  an attitude condition that needs looking into.   Can science help us  improve our decision making skills so that we can  have our cake and eat it to toward a better life?

It is not being  funded  properly--
Likely may not be taught properly to the  world of common sense.

We Need Your help to increase the funding For Basic Scientific Research

Business and private sources have never funded basic research to any extent and this will not change in the future therefore increased government funding is vital to us and our nations future. The over all funding for basic research in  large low tech countries has been increasing. Ours, the U.S.A,  by comparison has been decreasing. the very life blood of this nations progress is at stake. Please Call or Write Your Congressman. and ask for an increase in funding of basic scientific research.
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  • Science is nothing more than the study and explanation of how things work using  length mass and time. Its  language is mathematics.
  • There are two branches of science Basic And Applied they are different only in their goals. Basic wants to know how everything in nature works. Applied science uses this knowledge  to build things. 

    Humans by Era,
    Average Lifespan (in years) and how it has changed with time with the use of basic scientific research.
    • Neanderthal, 20
    • Neolithic, 20
    • Classical Greece, 28
    • Classical Rome, 28
    • Medieval England, 33
    • End of 18th Century1700 , 37
    • Early 20th Century1900, 50
    • Circa 1940, 65
    • Current (in the West)77 - 81

    Life expectancy has dramatically increased over the last few centuries of human history. These changes are largely the result of the fruits of basic research used by the applied research and engineering communities in public health, medicine, nutrition, and agriculture.

    The greatest improvements have been made in the richest parts of the world, where there is endorsement of basic and applied research. The same effects are now spreading to other parts of the world as they adopt the fruits of basic and applied research in economies and infrastructure . Ref 1

    Basic scientific research is vital  to our future.  It is the science of discovery  yet it and   its funding is the least understood, even among the scientific community, because of this It is the most fragile of disciplines and is poorly funded compared to its value to the us and our planets future.

    Why is this true? Some of the  reasons are;

    1; Most of us  don't speak the  language of science and therefore can't understand how it and its funding work.
     2; It  is like there is a hidden science, hidden in the language of mathematics, and cute labels like string, quantum, or relativity theory.
    3; Like it or not for  the most part  the media, our  only source of information about science and scientist, has found it useful to make  a mockery of science and scientist not to be mean but to hold your attention while their advertisers can sell you products.
    3; Some feel uncomfortable with funding it because it doesn't seem  to  have a product  goal or direction.
    Its like  searching  knowledge only for knowledge sake. True but of course that's where the important and unexpected discoveries have come from.   Read NSF definitions in right the column.
    4; It's very hard doing basic research. It  takes years of education and experience plus great concentration, It takes enormous patience. teasing out the secrets of nature. It is very difficult because most the things being studied  one can't see touch, hear, or smell  with human sensors.
    5; The basic researcher  reward is not money. They give the knowledge away to all of us and  just maybe they might get a unit of science or a star named after  them.

    Below basic researchers at work, in heart if not body. The smile on their faces is what a true basic researcher feels like in side when one make a discovery, and generally that's  reward enough. Join us call and ask for more funding for basic scientific research. It's in your ,Your children,Your grandchildren's, etc.  best  interest.

    Sadly some of us as we get older stop being basic research scientist and stop learning. The world moves on and we become victims rather than beneficiaries of progress. Is this fair to our children, our grandchildren etc., ourselves.?

  • What and why is basic scientific research, so important, so different, so special yet so neglected?  
    Click here to see why there is such a mistrust of Scientific research.
  • Basic research is designed to give us new discoveries; applied research uses these discoveries to gives us tangibles. Basic research and applied research  both use the same measuring instruments and methods and work together as one, but they are treated very differently in their goals and funding.
  • Both are very  important. But basic research gives us new discoveries and is poorly funded.
  • The National Science Foundation's, NSF, official definition of basic and applied research are given below.  These are the labels in soliciting  funding for the two sciences, see ref. 2.
  • It very important to know and understand the differences between them because of the funding issues. The visible or public difference is:  Applied Research is very familiar to the public; Basic Research  is not.

    NSF definitions of Basic Research and Applied Research with comments from the authors.

    Basic research;  Its objective is to gain fuller  knowledge or understanding of the fundamental aspects of phenomenon and of observable facts  without specific applications toward processes or products in mind, ref. 2.

    Basic research goal is to find out how all things in nature work.
  • It puts together all the pieces of nature's puzzle to form a complete picture of our lives, environment, world, solar system, and universe.
  •  Basic research discoveries  are needed  for applied research.
  • This agenda helps us be partners with nature benefiting from its many wonders and learning to live safely together with its tsunamis and viruses.
  • It's one of the most reliable tools for building civilized civilizations. It gives us the why and how of  things. It is a "search and find" activity in which we never know the nature of what will be discovered until it is discovered.
  • Basic research is the corner stone to our future. It is building a knowledge base  that does not become obsolete. We have used the discoveries of the  past to get to here today. We need to expand our discoveries today to move on to the future.

    Applied research; Its objective is to gain knowledge or understanding necessary to determine the means by which a recognized and specific need may be met, ref. 2.

     Applied research has very specific goals or agendas.

  • Applied deals with processes or products. It depends on  discoveries from basic research for the future.
  • Applied researchers can not spend much time in the small details of how things work. Their focus is on the details  necessary to build and sell the products that we need and use every day at prices we can afford.
  • For the most part the results of their work are owned by business for profit. We  invest in these businesses to increase our earning power and save for retirement.  It's a good working system.
  • Business cannot afford to spend very much on  basic research because it does not get the immediate return in profits needed to survive.
  • At times basic research can give bad news to business, but help the customers. The tobacco companies were not happy when basic research showed that smoking was shorting the life of their customers.

  • Below are a few examples and comparisons of where basic research has played a major role in our everyday lives. We hope they will provide a clearer understanding  for the value of basic research. They also can be used as examples when we call our congressmen.
    First: There is more than a little basic research scientist in all of us and it starts at birth.
    • An example of basic research scientists at work which we all can identify with: Children, even as they pop out of the womb crying out for attention and information, they are little basic research scientists gathering data about how their world works. All of their senses - sight, hearing, smelling, feeling, tasting - are gathering data and processing it. They use this data putting together a model of their world, just as a basic research scientist does, so that they can survive in it. As a child grows it gets new data some of it contradicting earlier experience. It revises its model making a more sophisticated one, just as the scientist does. Unfortunately there may come a time when some will stop being the scientist, and stop gathering new data, stop updating their model of the world. This can be bad- not keeping up. One can become a victim by making bad decisions from out of date data and beliefs rather than a beneficiary of progress from basic research.
    • Basic research is the seed for all discoveries great and small. We are trustees of the knowledge. We need to continually up date it. It needs more funding. It shines a light that shows the way to a better more secure life and civilization.

    How to measure the progress of Basic Scientific Research!

  • Above all else the most precious possession to Homo sapiens is life The struggle for a longer and better quality life is built into our genes. The methods and tools of basic research; have steadily and successively addressed this mission.
  • The data in the table on the left shows that life expectancy has dramatically increased over the last few centuries of human history. The greatest improvements having been made in the richest parts of the world where there has been the greatest endorsement of methods and tools of basic research and where the results of the data were used by the applied research and engineering communities in public health, medicine, nutrition, and agriculture. Areas in the world where the citizens have not embraced this life saving technology the life span is sadly very low, with some area's of the world only 44 years.
  • Over and above the increase in life expectancy everything we do or use draws from methods, tools, and work of the basic research community. The atom and all of its collected parts - electrons, protons, neutrons, etc. were all being studied for their own sake not because scientist wanted to make money from them but just to understand how atoms work. Without our understanding about electrons and electricity we would be living in a world of 1700 technology. The only electricity would be that generated by petting our cat. We would not have nuclear medicines. Modern chemical products.
  • Some of the biggest changes in our lives will come from our understanding of DNA. The discoverers of DNA's structural arrangement were basic research scientists with non profit goals- just investigating  how nature works . We have just barely scratched the surface of this knowledge which is crucial to our future. We may be growing new parts for our hearts rather than taking tons of pills to keep them working.  More basic scientific research is paramount to getting knowledge to continue our journey to a more civilized civilization for all of us.


  • Alarmingly we take all this for granted - the remarkable technical development of our modern world that was the result of basic scientific inquiry. We don't fully appreciate that never in the history of man have so many gained so much with so little time and money spent on basic research.  Without this basic research most of us would simply not be here. We would have no tools, no clothing, no housing. We would be less than hunter gatherers somewhere in the plains of central Africa.

    How You can Help and become  an important   part of the scientific team.
  • Basic scientific research  pivotally need your help. Together we must champion through our government officials more funding for basic research especially at the university level. We need to educate and encourage our leaders to support this most important work.
  • One of the best ways of achieving this is to concentrate on our federal and state representatives . They look to re-election every 2 years and, depending on where you live, have only 500,000 to a 1,000,000 citizens that they represent of which only a fraction vote. Therefore they are proportionally very interested in your view of government involvement in issues like basic research. A few calls to them has greater leverage them most recognized so call today. you will find the telephone, address, e-mail address below at a single click. Wait for the response it a little slow.
  • So call, write, or visit your representatives now and ask for an increase in funding for basic research and tell them that its need is critical. They'll understand that its important to you. They need your support at election time. Besides the president has put into his state of the union address we need more basic research.
    Click here to get the telephone number, address, or email of your representative and senators.

    Call, visit,  write or e-mail.
    Familiarize yourself with some of the information above and ask for an increase in funding for  BASIC Scientific Research  He or She will understand.

    Good Luck! Please Call Your Representatives and simply ask for more funding for Basic Scientific Research. They will understand but they need your support to make it happen.

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