CLICK HERE to see the most precise replicas ever  built of Galileo's telescopes  for Griffith Observatory and Adler Planetarium


Replica of Galileo's  Compass From the Museum Store Florence Italy

Galileo's compass in more modern terms is a combination of a Sector which does dozens of ratio  calculation ranging from exchanging currency to  getting the square root of a number. It can serve as  an quadrant that will measure the height of mountains,  buildings and the depths of water in a well. It can be used as a gunners' square. compute the rations for any size army. For detail and examples of how it works click on the urls below. Don't forget how to get back here.
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Below  are two hyperlinks to our other web sites describing the building of museum grade replicas of the surviving Galileo telescopes.


Click here Making a Precise Replica of Galileo'#1 telescope For The Griffith Observatory.

Click here Making a Precise Replica of Galileo #2 Telescope  For The Adler Planetarium

Check on the mounting fixtures below we made to hold the compass/quadrant.


compass_Upperhalf compassoverview edge_view_showing_thickness
compass_Upperhal... compassoverview.jpg edge_view_showin...
LeftSidecloseup quad_scale Right_side_closeup
LeftSidecloseup.jpg quad_scale.jpg Right_side_close...
The following pictures show details of mounts we made in our shop to hold the compass on  its own stand or on to the replica Galilean telescope.The mounts make it far easier to collect the measurements  for the various function the compass can perform.


 The compass mounted on the telescope..

The mounts on the telescope  to hold the compass.

The mount to hold  the compass directly on the stand.

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