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..K1UGM/ N1CSI ..

On and off over the past 30 years, the n1csi/k1ugm site has hosted a series of great ham radio projects and the techs putting them together

To name a few; of the most memorable projects;

A phone patching station for the Antarctic
A RTTY bulletin board for the NSRA 145.47 repeater
An amateur tcpip system,
One of the busiest packet bbs's and nodes in the N.E. with backbone links to Mt Washington to the north, Mt. Ascutney and Mt Grey lock to the west, P Town to the east and the tip of Long Island to the south. ,
A radio direction finding system accessible by telephone, that the FCC used occasionally. and the amateur commuity used a lot ,
A monitoring project for the 2-meter repeater coordinate committee, that collected data over several years for the usage of the 2-meter repeater channels in the near northeast. ,
The first site for 145.47 NSRA repeater,
For almost a year it hosted the ATV and 145.029 repeaters,
It still Hosts The N1CSI 220 repeater,and
The 147.075 repeater ,
The NSRA 440 & 220 repeater were built and developed here,
It has even helped with the wa1hud 6-meter repeater,
The Mt Washington 2 meter repeater,
The Gloucester packet system,
Kenny's packet node at Oakham,
CAP digipeater and bbs
And now an Internet project for ham repeaters,

It has been a place where hams have met planned and built their projects and it has been a lot of fun for both Rhodie & I and we're looking forward to many more projects.

Click Here To see the cellar in about 1980