A Japanese TV Version of A.G. Bell's Metal Detector and Telephone

  • Alexander Graham Bell Metal Detectors. A new expanded TV version ,this time by the Japanese for the Japanese market.  The Bell story is about developing a  metal detector to find an assassin bullet in president Garfield. The Japanese filming company were also interested in back ground material of Bell work on his telephone showing how the telephone technology played a role in the development of the metal detector.
  • The metal detector is shown on the left.
  • On the right is the director going over the script and examining some of the other metal detectors used in the filming.
  • The laboratory scenes were filmed at our location using period instruments from our collection and special props built in our shops.

Scenes from the set for an expanded version of the Bell/Garfield project
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See Details of Bell's First Pilot Model of the Telephone and Why it Didn't Work

  • We built Bells  first model of the telephone for this  project. It  is Bell's  first design directed toward sending sound electrically through wires.
  • Watson built it in an over night rush which would have resulted in a rough unfinished appearance which we have given the instrument.
  • From this model we found that Bells first telephone prototype didn't work. The magnetic circuit and the holder for the sound producing element were poorly designed from the start.
  • This was unfortunate for Bell to say the least. He was dispirited, and quickly put  it aside and went on to other  projects leaving the proof of the concept  for the  telephone till  after he got the patent for it. ?????

  • This was of  interest  to the TV producer because it again raised  the question about Bell inventor ship of the telephone. This of course produced another way  to keep the viewers attention.  Having A "working model in hand pointed out the deficiencies making the show more interesting.

  • Above is a photo of this recreation of Bell's  first model from a series of models that finally led to the  telephone.
    It shows the detail we go to  for accurately reproducing his work. We used  period components, where ever possible, from our inventory. Examples are the terminal posts, wire, electromagnet and dimensions. We even  left the  bare finish on the wood to create the short and rushed  way it was built.

    Doesn't it  make one wonder about the attention that has been paid to this design by those interested in Bell's work. Literally hundreds maybe even thousand have been made for gift shops and presentation and celebration events.

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