Thacher's Calculating Instrument is a advanced slide rule for performing a great variety of useful arithmetical calculations with rapidity and accuracy. Its operation is simple and is readily learned. By its use the tedious drudgery of calculation is avoided and the chance of error eliminated.

As is shown in the illustration, the instrument consists of a cylinder 4 in. in diam. and 18 in, long, which revolves in an open framework composed of 20 angular bars held between two metal rings. The cylinder bears a scale corresponding to the scale of the Slide Rule, which is duplicated on the exposed sides of the bars. Results can be obtained to the fourth, and often to the fifth place of figures, and are correct to about one part in 10,000 (.01 of 1 per cent), which is sufficient for nearly every requirement of the professional or businessman. Examples in multiplication, division, proportion and powers or roots involving not more than three quantities, are solved by one operation and any number of values of an algebraic function composed of two constants and a single variable may generally be found by one setting.

The useful applications of the instrument are almost unlimited; among them may be mentioned: finding the stresses and sections in trusses and girders, mensuration estimates of work and material, solving trigonometrical formulae, making and applying tables, problems in mechanical powers, machinery and hydraulics, problems in simple and compound interest, discount, prorating, the conversion of weights and measures, cost of merchandise with per cent. of duty or profit added. Squares, square roots, cube roots and reciprocals are also readily worked.      The instrument is in good condition with box.
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