Prism Spectroscope by John Browning, 63 Strand London c1870. The instrument is 12 inches high, overall length is 31 inches. The telescope and collimator are 13 inch long . Gold lacquered,  excellent condition. Prism has small chip on one corner but it does not alter the performance of the instrument. The entrance slit has a comparison prism which can be  used to compare two spectral sources at the same time.  Telescope has a scale and vernier to  measure the dispersion of the light coming from the prism.  Includes the original box. AST Item #090. Price, including shipping and insurance, is $2350.

Eye piece and focus adjustment
Entrance slit & comparison prism which can be placed
at the entrance slit to compare two spectral sources at same time.

Telescope angle scale and vernier

Prism table & telescope drive control
Jim & Rhoda Morris

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