Tangent Galvanometer  by the Weston  instrument Co. Berlin.

 This Tangent Galvanometer is 13 inches tall with  10 diameter coil, which has  three windings.  Its serial # is 6093. 

Weston was a very important inventor and contributor improving  use of electrical technology in every facet of the  manufacturing world. See
http://weston.ftldesign.com/MulhernLetter/letter.htm   for  a brief run down of Weston and his companies. The tangent galvanometer was  the  important instrument  used in the laboratory until it was supersede by the D'Arsonval type. 

There is inventory information  painted on one leg and a small separation of the base the left leg near the terminals. This is a very fine example of the technology of that era.

AST inv# 2027  Price $1295


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