No Words are Powerful Enough To Express The Importance Of Basic Scientific Research To Our Past, Present and future. 
Scientific Instruments have forever changed our lives, our world.
Collecting and preserving them is of fundamental important for they  teach us how scientist and Science work.  Remember the first sentence above in this window.

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<OUR INVENTORY INCLUDES----Microscopes---Telescope---Spectroscopes---Calculating Devices---Steam Engine---Surveying ---Navigating Instrument---Octants---Sextants---Transits---Crystal &amp; Tube Radios---Planetriums---Eye Glasses--- Chemical apparetus---Electrostatic Generators---</FONT></H4>radiation detector and chemical

Below is an example of some of our replication projects. Here we have constructed  a running example of Marie and Pierre Curie's
  apparatus used in the discovery radium and other radioactive elements.
 Click here  to See the inside and out side in detail of these wonderful instruments and experiments.

Click here to see and read about the trails, tribulations, and joys of designing, making  a Cornelius Varley telescopic camera  Lucida for the
American Philosophical Society

 Below Our replication of Moseley-spectroscope and x-ray source for measuring the atomic number

The setup above   was for a video covering some of the very special scientist who helped fill the periodic  table   "The Mystery of Matter"

 Click Here  Marie Curie the star of the show and her  discovery of the enormous power of the atom. See her apparatus, how she used her fingers to make  this spectacular discovery . Before  Einstein's invention of E=MC^2 Click Here  Priestley's Burning Lens,  a clean  high temperatures source of heat,  he used in experiments generating oxygen. Some early replications of Priestley's chemical work including comments on solar heating and decomposition of mercuric oxide.

To see Davy-explosive Potassium Click here metal to see the fire works  of one of the first electrochemist or how about Visit our web site tell our story about  of the beginning of the  modern electrochemical methods of discovering  new elements for the periodic table.

Shown below is our replica of President J. Madison's glass disk type electrostatic ,high voltage low current,  generator. We made this machine  for  The Montpelier Foundation, who are the  trustees of Madison's home and property. They  felt it important to  show how well rounded  president Madison was beyond being a valuable law maker. It also serves to demonstrate such an instrument  adding  to the interest of the exhibits.

During the development  era of  electrostatic generators they  served as handsome parlor toys,  medical quack machines, and   most important. significant scientific instruments.
 It is believed that  president Madison acquired  his generator at a time it was playing a major role as a scientific instrument.  This is supported in part because  president Thomas Jefferson and  Benjamin Franklin  statesmen / scientist  contemporaries had  similar instruments. In fact Benjamin   Franklin used his to lay down the foundation of modern electricity and inventions such as the lightning rod.  There for let us trace out just how valuable it was toward the future. its first  virtue  was that it could producer a stead flow of electricity making it easier to study and use electricity. One of the first engineering uses was in a telegraph system.  In time they progressed to  an important role in the development of instruments used in nuclear physics. Let us follow this path by examples.


James Madison  Electrostatic disk generator We built for the Montpelier Foundation


Priestley's Burning Lens, We built for a documentary

1st step  James Madison  and  atom smashing accelerators ---,
Today its role is as a symbol of the human races greatness and progress.
This instrument helps the Montpelier Foundation to show that president Madison and his colleagues  shared a broad  intellectual pursuit  one that was needed to form nations with goals of freedom and enterprise.

It also helps us appreciate  the jagged journey that scientific instrumentation can  take  to get us into the high tech world we live in today  also where we might be going tomorrow.

2,nd step beyond Madison which leads us toward improvements in high voltage generators  The Wimshurst  Electrostatic generator and how it works  very late 1800's. which pushes closer to busting up an atom to see what it is made of.
Combining  the 3rd and 4th steps , A Van de Graaffs electrostatic  generator and associated equipment. Incidentally  the author built one of these  in 1954 for an undergraduate school project. It was  for accelerating protons through a potential difference up to  500,000 volts. As a student I chose building, one with an accelerating tube vacuum system 10-^6 mm. and  extras,  my  goal being able to carry out  an atom smashing experiment to further test E=MC^2 .  This url leads  the reader to  another method of generating high voltages that  were used in  Atom smashing  experiments of the early and mid 1900 's.

Scientific instruments their ENTANGLEMENT  + CONNECTIONS.  How science moves on.
Why they are so important to collect, to preserve for our learning process assuring us a safe  future. .

Below The growth of the telescope into the spectroscope  combined with the generation of high voltage --current electricity gave

 us Quantum Mechanics and a  better understanding of the chemical world we live in.

Two of our beautiful replica of Galileo's Telescopes plus a glass prism give us a very usable spectroscope.
Future. Click here for more relevant insider technical  background about these ultra famous telescopes .

Galileo opened the Pandora's box of Quantum Mechanics in his development of the high powered telescope. This led to the invention of the spectroscope which allowed us to measure the chemistry of the stars and everything else
Newton seems to have slipped up on  discovering this one when he was studying the prism

entanglement entanglement entanglement
Combining The of the instruments of optics and electricity.
The instruments that generate  high voltage, high current of electricity when mixed with spectroscopes
gave us  the unique ability to study the broad emf spectrum which motivated Maxwell's to build his wave equations and Planck's new particle quanta mechanical world

Click here  For sale

 One of our early spark gap crystal set radio station.


For Sale A most beautiful spectroscope

Similar to the one that Edison used to invent the light bulb.

The interaction of Plasmas and magnetic field pushing electrons and ions around,  makes for even bigger and better atom smashers .
Also the generation atomic and ionic spectrum of  Hydrogen. Oxygen, Nitrogen, Mercury etc.  to study the stars and Atomic  bombs

In addition to the above we also provide other services.

We have helped a new inexpensive form of video projects for spreading the good news of work going on in science and engineering. This pilot project called Chemical Explorers is  about a recent discovery at MIT of a new catalytic  method of  electro-chemically  producing hydrogen more cheaply than ever before. To see the results . Click Here  


Galileo Projects
Building the most accurate replica's of the Galileo's surviving telescopes

Building Galileo's Telescope IMSS 2428    for Griffith Observatory. Surprise construction revealed. 
Building Galileo's Development telescope IMSS 2427    for the Adler Planetarium
Galileo's Telescope IMSS 2428  building a replica  for the Science Channel's program Brilliant Minds.
Other Galileo Projects
Galileo's telescope what it really feels like to see thru it
Serious errors in the literature on the optics and dimensions of Galileo's telescope
New measurements of the physical dimensions of the original Galileo's telescopes
Galileo's compass and a stand to hold it and a replica of Galileo's telescope
Building Galileo's Inclined Plane
Galileo Pendulum Mistake   Building  A  Brachistochrone You can own one too.

Other  Projects

B&L Prism Spectroscope for sale
Newton's color wheel Generating white light with the twist of a wrist.
The Astatic Galvanometer is the unsung hero --- The heart of Thomas Edison's Menlo Park Laboratory
Typical instruments in inventory for sale

Special instruments for sale

The Three Scientific Instruments That Changed Our  World Forever 

Telescopes  A to see summary page  for our precise replications of Galileo's Telescopes For Griffith Observatory  and Adler Planetarium

The Galvanometer.   1825 The little simple instrument that inspired all of the serious discoveries in all branches of science and the explosion of inventions.
The Spectroscope   Displaying the rain bow of air heated to the surface temperature of the sun. Discovering new elements and generating the need for quantum physics

What a scientific paper printed ( less the photographs) in a prestigious journal of physics looks like.

Title is  Bemsstrahlung and Recombination Radiation of Neutral and Ionized Nitrogen Physical Review vol. 180 number 1 5 April 1006 

Plasmas and magnetic field pushing electrons and ions around, The spectrum of glowing Hydrogen. Oxygen, Nitrogen, Mercury
Tesla / Oudin High Voltage Coils Generating 6 foot  plasma bolts  of lightning


We  Advise, sell  and  rent Scientific & Engineering Instruments for Props in Movies, TV Programs  Museum Displays and Demonstrations.  Many of these wonderful item are For Sale
Click here to see our resume for more details services offered.

Select Instruments which are for sale that have appeared in National TV science programs See them in use.
  • Alexander Graham Bell Metal detector and the story of his attempt to save Pres. Garfield life
  • Hearing Aid  before batteries
  • Alexander Graham Bell Telephone--Should Bell have gotten his 1st patent  Instruments for sale
  • Typhoid Mary Chemical apparatus use for props in the filming of the award winning show.
  • Percival Julian  Chemical Apparatus and Instrument used as Props in the Filming of the one of the greatest chemist of the 20th century.
  • Galileo's Telescope building a replica of for the Science Channel's program Brilliant Minds.
  • Galileo Building Testing & Advising Inclined Plane for the Science Channel's program Brilliant Mind
  • Golden Gate Bridge Calculating and Drafting Instrument used in the Filming
  • Adolphus Washington Greely Filming  His 1881-1884 Lady Franklin Bay Expedition to the Artic. Greely Lost Nineteen Out of His Twenty Five Men.
  • Japanese TV production of A.G.Bell's metal detector telephone
  • Program Prophets of Science The film reveals the the uncanny visions of science fiction's founding
    fathers and shows how they inspired some of the most important inventions of the Twentieth Century.
    New; Jim & Rhoda working on the TV set o f "Prophets of Science Fiction." More Spectroscopes & Spectrum

  • Web pages  For fun & relaxation
  • Come  and visit us at the Brimfield Mass. out door Antique shows in 2006  We Buy & Sell Good Prices Beautiful Instruments We love hearing & talking about them.
  • Why we need more support  for Basic Research
  • Simple Examples of the Use of html Tags to Make WEB Pages
  • Digital Ham Radio surrounded by Victorian scientific Instruments.
  • See 55year old radio controlled Rudderbug Airplane crashes in Mokena Ill.
  • The 50 car train wreck that nearly squished Jim. The story is printed in the fall issue of Dots and Dashes  It includes great pictures of a valuable telegrapher's watch, telegraph sounder, telegraph office, train wreck, and an official railroad telegrapher and what they really did for a living.
  • You can Go to our other web site to see a additional instruments For Sale
  • Lists of Additional Instruments For Sale

    Special Thanks to the staff of IMSS

    With regard to our project of  the Galileo Telescope  for the Griffith Observatory  Rhoda & I  can not thank the staff of  the ISTITUTE E MUSEO DI STORIA DELLA SCIENZA  Florence Italy enough for their help on our recent visit to gather data on Galileo Telescope. Most of us cannot appreciate 'enough'  the hard work and dedication  of the museum staff behind the scenes that preserve and prepare for display those precious things that demonstrate so well the positive attributes of the scientific community.

    This is a beautiful Museum  for art lovers and scientist alike. The Instrument are truly works of art  which  also have had a major influence on our quality of life.

    Click here to share with us  a bit of our visit to this wonderful Museum in Florence Italy  and a short tour of Venice & Austria.
    Visit the wonderful Animations site  of the Museum to see how things in Galileo's time work

    All photos and written material are by Jim & Rhoda Morris unless noted otherwise. Free personal and educational use and reproduction is encouraged--- Acknowledgment is appreciated; all commercial rights are reserved

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